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Prayer is a vital and integral component to the ministry at Agape Baptist It is the current whereby our ministry is able to flow in an excellent way. We have an awesome Prayer Team that is charged with undergirding our Pastor and the congregation during Sunday services. Additionally, they intercede on behalf of individuals so that each person’s needs can be met before they leave the sanctuary.

Though corporate prayer is important, our own personal prayer lives are even more critical to the development of our faith and our Christian walk. We would love to stand in agreement with you on issues pertaining to you or your family. But please note, if you are a believer, you have the ability to access God directly and present your petitions to Him. We encourage you to pray (communicate with God) which will yield several results including:

  • Growing closer to God;
  • Learning how to hear His voice;
  • Receiving instruction from Him about your life’s direction;
  • Experiencing the peace and rest of God;
  • Increasing your trust and dependence on Him.